2014 – 2016

While looking through some art the other day I came across a redraw I started (but never finished) back in December of 2016. I wanted to see how much my art had improved over the course of the two years of me owning a drawing tablet. Although I never finished the new version there are definitely clear improvements! This shows how much one can improve their skills in such a short time, and even then, last years art style differs greatly from the one I have now! Weird!

The original was drawn in mid 2014, and the new version, December 2016. 


milk boy

New Canvas.png

A very simplistic style today, flat colours and rough line work make for an interesting and easy combination. While many of my other pieces takes anywhere from 2-6 hours, this style allows me to finish work in as little as and hour. He is an original character based off myself – the shirt being the main inspiration.